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Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that we finally released Furry Pirates and we are now on active development again of Termite Wars. Check out our dev blog on Tumblr to know what are we doing! :D

are you gonna make betas and alphas for this game and will it be a paid version in the future?

Short anwser: yes.
Long answer: we are only two people and we are now focused on improving and releasing our android game Furry Pirates, wich is in beta right now. Improving the concept of Termite Wars and release it as full paid game is on our plans, and of course we will update with dev builds with the improvements here, but we can't promise dates or anything like this yet. Stay tuned! :)

The AI is a bit boring but this is the most charismatic demonstration of the "node wars" genre as I call it (is there an official name? Is it "eufloria-like")

Yeah, we know there's a lot of things to improve yet, the AI probably the most notable one. I dunno if there's a specific genre name for this kind of games, indeed we didn't know eufloria, we were inspired in the mechanics of Mushrom Wars (wich is the same kind of game too). Glad you liked it by the way :)

Love eufloria-like gameplay! Good luck with the future games!